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Man shining calfskin boots

How to Western

How to Clean Leather Boots in Minutes

Whether you’re living in the big city or you’re tucked away somewhere in the countryside, your leather boots are bound to take a beating. Without proper cleaning and care, count on your boots becoming dried, cracked, and looking more tired than they should.

At Tecovas

How To Make Cowboy Boots: The Tecovas Way

Our company was born out of a love for cowboy boots—particularly, the admiration held for them by our founder, Paul Hedrick. What he loved about them, everyone loves: authentic craftsmanship, rich materials that last generations, and timeless styling that always looks good. But what really makes them special is the feeling you get when you pull a great pair on. That feeling of comfort and confidence is what it’s all about, and it’s why we do things the way we do them.