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 Group of people wearing jeans and cowboy boots in a dancehall

For centuries, cowboy boots have been praised as practical, stylish footwear offering the utmost comfort and protection in rugged terrains. Today, cowboy boots are a staple footwear option for work and play, from the great plains to concrete jungles and even global communities. Not to mention, they are one of the few footwear options that can be worn year-round and to most events (when styled correctly, that is).

Unless you’re stepping out to buck convention (you do you, cowboy), there is indeed a right way to wear cowboy boots and jeans. But don’t get your rope in a tangle; we’ve got the dos and don'ts of how to wear cowboy boots with jeans so you can step out in comfortable style every time you pair the two together.

How to Wear Men’s Cowboy Boots With Jeans

Some would say men have always drawn the short stick in terms of acceptable fashion choices. But when it comes to cowboy boots, yee haw!–what a world of options to behold. From classic western and ranch boots to ropers, zip boots, and beyond, men have the world of functional fashion at their fingertips, all wrapped up in soft, supple bovine and goatskins, exotic shark, gator, lizard, ostrich skins, and more.

Here are the best ways for men to pair cowboy boots and jeans. The trick is knowing the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots.

And of course, there's nothing more cowboy than going your own way. So no matter how you style your boots with jeans, as long as you feel like you, you're good to go.

The Best Jeans to Wear with Cowboy Boots for Men

To guarantee you are dressed to impress with confidence and style in tow, there are a few simple guidelines for pairing cowboy boots and men’s western jeans you’ll need to know: jean color, style, and length.

Jean Color

Classic Blue Jeans

Medium blue jeans are an excellent choice for daytime events, while darker blue and black washed jeans are a popular option for evening wear. If you prefer the look of light blue jeans, make sure you’ve got the right cut–like these Tecovas Premium Standard Jean men’s light-wash jeans, also available in medium and dark blue washes.

Wondering what jean color pairs best with show-stoppingly detailed boots? Well, if you want to pair exotic gator, lizard, or ostrich boots with jeans, stick with dark denim, as seen below with our full-quill ostrich boots, The Emmitt, in Mahogany with dark wash jeans.

Earth-Toned Jeans

Classic blue jeans aren’t for everybody, and that’s okay. In fact, modern fashion favors earth-toned palettes of subtle greens, browns, and tans. If you prefer this look, earth-toned jeans and cowboy boots may be your look. Take our Five-Pocket Comfort Jeans, for example, shown below in the colors Sand (paired with The Knox boot in Briar) and Olive, (paired with The Jake boot).

man wearing briar knox boots in a bar
man wearing olive pants and brown boots holdig a cowboy hat

Jean Style

Now, let’s talk about jean style, of which you have three options: boot, straight, and relaxed.

Boot Cut

Boot-cut jeans are slim through the hip and waist and open up at the leg to accommodate your favorite pair of boots. These are a staple for any boot-wearer–hence the name!

Straight Cut

Next up are arguably the most popular jeans to pair with cowboy boots: straight-cut jeans. Available in a variety of fits for a more snug, standard, or roomier fit in the thighs, straight-cut jeans mean business from the knee down, granting you enough space to comfortably fit your jean leg over your favorite boots without hassle or awkward bunching.

man wearing belt buckle and blue jeans

Any cut slimmer than a straight cut won’t work (sorry, skinny jeans), and while most slim-fit jeans are out of the question, Tecovas Slim Jeans are designed to give you that modern slim thigh you love with a straight leg-style opening just wide enough to accommodate your favorite boots. You can also check out our Standard Western Jeans and Relaxed Jeans to see the different variations our straight, slim, and standard jeans offer.

Relaxed Fit

While not as popular, relaxed jeans can be worn with cowboy boots. If you decide to rock the relaxed fit, pay special attention to length. Opt-in for a pair with a shorter inseam than you’d typically wear in straight or boot-cut jeans. This will help balance out the look of the relaxed fit.

Jean Length

You’ve got color and style down pat. Now, let’s talk about length. Luckily, this one’s pretty simple.

Your Jeans Should:

  • Cover the shaft of your boots
  • Rest just above the heel (between ¼” and ½”)

Your Jeans Should Not:

  • Be so long they touch your heels or ground.
  • Be tucked into your jeans (unless necessary for riding or working outdoors)

In cases where you want to show off unique or eye-catching shaft details, choose an inseam that falls just above your boot’s instep. If your slim jeans are too long and appear to be too stacked, you have two options: get them hemmed or roll them with a classic 2” to 2.5” roll.

man wearing cartwright boots

How to Wear Women’s Cowboy Boots With Jeans

Wondering how to wear cowgirl boots with jeans? You’ll be pleased to know that, unlike men’s jeans, women have more freedom to mix and match styles. Whether you’re sporting classic westerns or hitting the town in ankle-cut western booties, you’ve got a handful of styling options to choose from. Let’s focus on jean color, style, and the elephant in the dressing room–when to tuck and not to tuck.

Jean Color

Regarding women's western jeans and boots, light, medium, and dark washes can be worn during the day. For more formal occasions where jeans are acceptable, we recommend dark washes.

Jean Styles

When it comes to cuts and styles of jeans, women have a world of options to explore. Tucked-in skinny jeans are on the table for tall and short boots, while boot-cut, regular, straight, and wide-leg jeans also look fantastic when planned accordingly.

Now, this isn’t to say women’s boots and jeans are free to do whatever they please–there are some rules. Let’s dive into the different styles of jeans and how they best pair with tall and bootie-style cowboy boots.

Skinny Jeans

Whether you want to show off your fancy new cowgirl boots or keep your pant legs free and clear of wet or mud-covered grounds, skinny jeans are the way to go. Why? Because they have nowhere to go but inside your boot!

woman wearing the brown Jessie boots

If you’re sporting booties or zip boots, skinny jeans can even be rolled up just above the top of the boot. For this style, choose cropped skinny jeans that can be easily rolled once to pass the top of your boot.

woman wearing grey boots

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are those that don’t fully extend to the feet or ankles. They are also a stylish option that pairs perfectly with your favorite classic cowgirl boots and booties. While a 12” shaft will hide the cropped style, shorter ankle boots will accentuate it, as shown below with The Daisy bovine zip booties in colors Sequoia and Caramel.

woman in cafe wearing brown zip bootswoman on horse wearing brown zip boots

Straight & Regular Cut Jeans

Straight and regular-cut jeans can be worn inside or outside the boot, depending on your preference. While we don’t recommend tucking straight or regular cut jeans into booties (this is a look best suited for skinny jeans), layering a pair of cropped straight or regular cut jeans over your booties that hug your ankle (aka, don’t add bulk to the ankle area) is a trendy look worth trying. This rule also applies to cropped wide-leg jeans.

Boot-Cut Jeans

The boot-cut is a timeless jean style for new and true cowgirls alike. Ideal for over-the-boot styling, boot-cut jeans feature form-flattering fits from hip to knee and flare out from the knee down to hide the boot shaft easily. Dark boot-cut jeans look great over the boot for more formal events. We recommend this look if you’re going out on the town or attending an evening get together.

When styling boot-cut jeans, be sure the bottom of your jeans covers the shaft of your boots but isn’t so long that they touch the heels or ground. The inseam should rest just above the heel, between ¼” and ½”. This rule also goes for straight and regular cut jeans.

Now, this isn’t to say boot-cut jeans can’t be tucked into tall boots for the right occasion, like when riding or when you want to protect your pant legs from water, dirt, and mud. All you need to do is cuff your jeans, fold one side over the other vertically, and put your boots on. You can see how well boot-cut jeans pair when tucked in or left out of cowgirl boots, as depicted below with The Annie boot in our Scarlet color.

woman in western wear in a desert

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