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Your boots should last for years with proper care and resoling. Come to a Tecovas store to receive a free polish! Or, click on a material below to see detailed care instruction:

Product FAQS

We proudly partner with one of the oldest and most respected bootmakers in the world in León, Mexico to handcraft all of our boots. León is a city steeped in shoemaking history and is the same city in which the majority of western boot brands entrust the production of their best footwear. In fact, our boots are handcrafted alongside some of the very same brands that retail their boots for 2-3X the price.

Our ethical factory is comprised of well-paid artisans, many of whom have been making boots by hand for decades. Read More About Our Handmade Bootmaking Process here!

It is our goal to make and sell the highest quality western boots and accessories on the market. We use traditional, handcrafted bootmaking techniques and the highest quality leathers and materials. Our boots stand toe to toe with the most expensive brands out there, but they’re generally much more affordable because of our unique direct-to-consumer business model (no retail margin built into the price!).

Our boots are constructed using traditional western methods, including ¾ Goodyear welt construction, hand-hammered lemonwood pegs, hand-laid decorative cording, and hand-stitched quarters.

Our sole is comprised of a 100% leather outsole, a corkbed filling that molds to your feet over time, a traditional leather midsole, an EVA strip for comfort, and bovine glove leather lining to top it off.

The entire interior of the boot is lined in supple bovine leather lining, and we construct our shaft ‘inside out’ to hide the seams – so there is no uncomfortable seams inside any of our boots!

Read More About Our 200+ Step Handcrafted Bootmaking Process here!

While we make every effort to ensure color consistency across all styles, no two authentic animal hides are exactly the same, and slight color variation can be expected from piece to piece. Textures, grain, and patterns can vary from one hide to the next as well, particularly among exotic leathers. Safe to say, every pair is unique.

We do not offer any custom boots; nor do we make boots to order. Our boots are handmade in over 200 steps, but we only construct the sizes and styles as they are featured on our online and retail stores. Any boots purchased from us have already been made and are available immediately (with the exception of any pre-order items)!

For our men’s line, we currently offer seven different profile options:

Roper - 10" shaft, round toe, and 1 ⅛" roper heel (no pitch)
Cowboy - 12" shaft, round toe, and 1 ½" angled cowboy heel
Zip Boot - 8" zippered shaft, round toe, and 1 ¼" angled Hybrid heel
Square Toe - 12" shaft, square toe, and 1 ¼" angled Hybrid heel
Chelsea - 6" shaft, round toe, and 1 ¼" angled Hybrid heel
Wedge - 10" shaft, round toe, and 1" Vibram wedge heel
Horseman - 13 ½" shaft, round toe, and 2" pitched riding heel

For our women’s line, we currently offer five different profile options:

Cowgirl - 12" shaft, round toe, and 1 ¾" heel
Tall Cowgirl - 14" shaft, snip toe, and 2" heel
Western Bootie - 6" shaft, round toe, and 1 ¾" heel
Zip Bootie - 6" shaft height, snip toe, and 2 ½” heel
Chelsea - 6" shaft height, snip toe, and 1 ¾" heel

Most of our boots (men’s and women’s) feature a 100% leather outsole constructed with ¾ Goodyear welt and lemonwood pegs. A rubber heel caps the stacked leather heel for grip.

We do, however, offer Vibram and Butyl-treated leather soles on our men’s Ranch boots!

Unfortunately, we do not offer any customization or other outsole options, but many customers have had success adding a rubber outsole to their boots (at a cobbler) after purchase!

Looking for a professional restoration? We now also offers a full resoling and restoration program for customers. Check It Out! (

With the exception of our men’s Ranch boots, our insoles are not designed to be removed. They feature an EVA strip and glove leather lining attached to the leather midsole.

That said, it is possible to tear the insoles out (if necessary) if you want to add room for a custom orthotic or insert. Please do not do so unless you are keeping the boots!

We are considering offering more sizes and styles in the future. The easiest way to find out about new size and style availability is to sign up for our Newsletter Here!

Per California Penal Code Section 653, "it is illegal to sell python and lizard products in California. As a result, we are unable to ship any of our lizard and python boots or accessories to addresses within the state of California. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Yes, as of Tuesday, March 7, 2023, all alligator, caiman, and two species of crocodile - Nile and Saltwater - can now be sold legally in California and to California residents under international treaty and US federal law.

We handcraft our products using top-quality materials and construction methods, which means they stand toe to toe with the best and most expensive brands out there. In general, you can expect Tecovas products to be the same quality of brands 2 to 3 times the retail price – and about the same price as brands that cost half as much to make.

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