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Cowboy boots have come a long way from their humble beginnings. These days, it’s unsurprising to see various types of cowboy boot styles at casual and formal events, whether it be a casual Friday night event, formal wedding, work meeting, or somewhere in between.

It makes sense, too. Cowboy boots are incredibly durable, surprisingly comfortable, and above all else, very functional. Today's selection of men’s cowboy boots and women’s cowboy boots are made with gorgeous leathers in both subtle and surprising colors, offering up a comfortable, fashionable footwear option for practically any occasion.

Whether your new boots must be able to take a beating or you want to dress to impress with a flair of western-inspired style, today’s best cowboy boot styles offer something for everyone. All you have to do is find your perfect pair!

Before we dig our heels into the six popular types of cowboy boots, there’s one important detail to keep in mind as you search for your new western kicks: toe style.

The 411 on Round, Square & Snip Cowboy Boot Toe Styles

Around here, we like to keep things simple, which is why we offer the two most comfortable toe styles you’ll find in a cowboy boot: round-toe and square-toe, and a select few snip-toe styles for the ladies.

Round & Square Toe Boots

Both square and round-toe boots are comfortable for all-day wear for regular and wide feet. They also allow toes to spread out more naturally than pointed-toe shapes allow for. If you plan to pair cowboy boots with a suit for work or a formal event, or you want a great pair of boots that look great in any setting, round-toe boots are our top pick worth your consideration. The Earl below is just one example of a classic round-toe shape.

Birds eye view of round toe of boot

If you have wide, extra wide, irregular-shaped feet, or you experience foot swelling, Tecovas broad square-toe boots offer the utmost wiggle room to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. 

Our broad square-toe boots provide that classic look you love, and they are perfect for casual and even some formal settings. Take The Emmitt, for example. This broad square-toe boot is finished with gorgeous full-quill ostrich leather for the utmost comfort and class, all wrapped up in a boot designed to go the distance.

birds eye view of broad square toe boot

Snip Toe Boots

Snip toe boots, like The Annie featured below, are designed with a slightly blunted, pointed tip traditionally seen in many classic cowboy boots. 

This dramatic toe shape looks great for casual and more formal occasions. Although super stylish, the blunted tip tends to fit more snugly on the foot and toes than round and square toe styles, so if your feet are wider than a regular width, this may not be the toe style for you.

birds eye view of snip toe boot

6 Popular Men's & Women’s Cowboy Boot Styles Explained

With toe styles under your belt, let’s talk about different types of cowboy boot styles so you can find your perfect pair.

Western Boots

Western boots are the classic cowboy boot style you’d see in your favorite Western movie (spurs optional).

Characteristics of a western boot include a high (12”) shaft (11” shaft for women) and a 1.5”-1.75” stacked heel to easily keep feet in place while riding horseback. Western boot shaft designs vary from smooth, textured, or hand-stitched designs, making it easy for everyone to find a pair that matches their unique style.

quarterfront view of cartwright boot
woman wearing pearl ostrich boots

Roper Boots

Today’s roper boots are a versatile and casual men’s cowboy boot style closely resembling classic western boots but with an extra flair of practicality.

Initially designed for roping cattle, roper boots are characterized by their shorter shafts (typically 10”) and lower heels (1.5” or less), or Vibram wedge heel styles perfect for walking, running, riding, roping cattle, or whatever else comes your way.

pair of midnight earl boots
man wearing knox wedge boots

Work Boots

Want all of the style of a cowboy boot with the unparalleled traction of a classic rubber-soled work boot? Look no further than ranch boots.

These western-inspired work boots offer all of the ruggedly handsome style of traditional cowboy boots you want, paired with Vibram soles for superior comfort and traction. Get yours in either round or broad square-toe styles for the utmost comfort and performance on the job, around town, or wherever you need superior stability underfoot.

The Stockton

pair of stockton bootsrubber sole boot man wearing tecovas work boots

Exotic Boots

Need a pair of show-stopping, undeniably luxurious boots and unafraid to show off your wild side? You’ll want to give exotic cowboy boots a try. 

Made from exotic lizard, alligator, ostrich, python, or shark, exotic boots offer dramatic texturing and durability second-to-none. This timeless cowboy boot style is one you’ll turn to for every occasion where making a good impression matters.

mens crocodile boots
men's lizard boots in brown
woman wearing exotic ostrich boots

Western Zip Boots

Next up, we have zip boots. Available in styles for men and women, these low-profile cowboy boots are easy to get on and extremely comfortable underfoot. They also feature shorter shafts than traditional cowboy boots (8” for men, 6” for women), making them perfect boots to pair with jeans.

The Dean

man's zip boots

The Daisy

woman at a coffee table in zip boots

Western Booties

No list of women’s cowboy boot styles would be complete without western booties! Available in classic pull-on and zip-up styles, women’s western booties deliver all of the flair of a classic pair of boots in a shorter shaft height of 6.5”, perfect for pairing with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, flared-leg jeans, or your best western dress.

woman wearing western booties with a horsewoman wearing booties and a dress

Step Into Timeless Style with Tecovas

At Tecovas, we make it simple to step into timeless style with today’s best selection of western boots designed to take you wherever you want to go. Browse and shop Tecovas western boots today to find your favorite cowboy boot styles for work, play, and everything in between.

New to the boot world? We’re glad to have ya! Keep your new boots looking great today, tomorrow, and years down the road with our basics care kit and Leather Boot Care Tutorial, or if you snag a pair of suede boots, this Suede Care Kit and Suede Boot Care Tutorial will keep you looking fresh.