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Women and man walking in field wearing cowboy hats and jeans

It's time to saddle up, pardner. Tecovas invites you to get the rundown on all things western style with our beginner's playbook that has all the fashionable tips and tricks you need. This guide will prepare you for any western-inspired adventure — be it heading to work, a rodeo, or an outdoor concert. The best thing about western fashion is that it works in any environment — whether you live in the country or want to bring southern flair to your big city.

In this comprehensive how-to, we’ll set you up for boot-stomping success fit for any occasion as we break down the basics like jeans and pearl snaps, and share which pieces (cowboy hat included) will make you stand out from the pack. So fasten your spurs and get ready to wrangle yourself into some western clothes today!

Western Style Guide for Men and Women’s Western Fashion

Western style has been a staple of American fashion since the Wild West days. Both guys and gals can easily find ways to harness that nostalgia in outfits that are right at home in the modern world.. There are plenty of ways to incorporate classic western fashion into any wardrobe without feeling stuck in an old-timey costume. And who knows: if you show up to the next party decked out in your cowgirl or cowboy best, you might just be the star of the show! Here’s what you need to make that happen.


Man adjusting jeans over his brown cowboy boots

The Doc

Cowboys and cowgirls have always recognized the importance of equipping themselves with proper footwear. Cowboy boots were comfortable to ride in, and their high heel provided extra grip when stepping into stirrups. Nowadays, western boots mix comfort, style, and practicality, making them the foundation of western fashion. 

At Tecovas, we design our boots with the practical grips that real workin' cowboys require and timeless western swag that makes 'em stand out from the rest. You don't have to be ranching or in the rodeo ring to wear cowboy or cowgirl boots; there's nothing wrong with dressing confidently no matter what you're doing. Not sure which type of cowboy boots to wear? With plenty of options, styles, and colors, you can find the right footwear to match your lifestyle at Tecovas. 

Denim Jeans

Man in jeans and boots in front of chopped wood

Straight Western Jeans

There's no denying the iconic western look of a classic pair of denim jeans. What was once the uniform for laborers quickly turned into a symbol of rugged self-expression and determined individualism. There's an undeniable level of comfort that comes from having a worn-in favorite pair of blue jeans to fall back on.

In western fashion, denim jeans are a staple for men and women. At Tecovas, we offer a wide selection, from boot-cut and high-waisted western jeans for women to slim, straight, and standard western jeans for men. Whether dark or light-washed, every cut offers its own look and flair that can be accessorized with everything from cowboy hats to work boots. The unifying combination of form and function makes denim jeans a timeless staple worthy of any wardrobe.

Pearl Snaps

Man wearing pearl snap shirt

Cotton Pearl Snap

You can't get more western than iconic pearl snap shirts. The cattle ranchers used ‘em back in the day due to their hard-wearing construction and extra pockets –– not to mention they were highly functional. But nowadays, pearl snaps are a western fashion staple you can dress up or down. Cheering at the rodeo or out on the town, pearl snap shirts are sure to make you look sharp! Whether keeping it casual with cowboy boots and jeans or dressed up with a skirt and fancy jewelry, there's just not much these timeless duds won’t complement.

Cowboy Hats

Man wearing The Ranchman cowboy hat

The Ranchman

Cowboy hats have been around since the mid-1800s and originally served a practical purpose. They protected cowpokes from the sun and kept the dirt out of their eyes when herding cattle or riding on the rugged terrain. Over the years, their unique shape and distinct colors have become synonymous with western life and culture, making them an iconic choice to cap off your ensemble..

Cowboy and cowgirl hats also provide essential protection from rain or snow while keepin' your head cool in summer weather. What makes these hats so dang fashionable is that you can wear them with just about any outfit — jeans, boots, chaps, whatever ya got! No matter how you dress it up or down, a cowboy or cowgirl hat adds unmistakable western flair that makes a memorable statement wherever you go.


Woman in a field carrying a leather tote bag

Top off your look with accessories that bring your western style full circle. Make a fashion statement with a bovine, calfskin, or smooth ostrich belt, and add that final touch of western style to your outfit with the perfect western belt buckle for any occasion. Cowgirls, finish off your look with a large leather tote or tassel-zip clutch — cowboys, carry all you need in a leather wallet that fits perfectly in the pocket of their jeans. And don’t forget our range of socks, bandanas, and jackets that capture country chic vibes like no other pieces can! 

Find All Your Western Style Staples at Tecovas

When it comes to men's western wear, men can’t go wrong with a classic cowboy hat, jeans, and boots. And women's Western wear can easily create a western ensemble with a denim pearl snap shirt and pointed-toe western booties or a dress with cowgirl boots. However you want to rock a western-inspired style, Tecovas is the perfect destination for any cowboy or cowgirl looking for western fashion pieces that are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

At Tecovas, we know the importance of having your trusty western staples, no matter the occasion. With a wide array of handcrafted leather boots, western belts, stylish hats, quality western apparel, and so much more, we’ve got everything you need to look your most authentic. Use this western style guide to put together the perfect look. And find every element you need to bring your western fashion sense to life at Tecovas.