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15 gifts for Cowboys & Western Lovers

But lucky for you, we rounded up 15 of the best Holiday, Birthday or anytime gift ideas that are sure to please even the hardest cowboy (or cowgirl) to buy for.

15 Unique Western Gifts

1. A New Pair of Boots

It doesn't get more quintessentially cowboy than a great pair of boots. And no matter how many pairs a person has, they'll still appreciate one more.

Crafting boots by hand through traditional methods, Tecovas offers a diverse range of cowboy boot styles. From classic roper boots and square toe boots to eye-catching exotic boots, there's a pair for every cowboy or cowgirl. Begin your search for the ideal Western gifts by exploring our vast collection of cowboy boots for men and women.

Mens and Womens Boots

2. A Leather Boot Care Kit

One of the best ways to ensure you get a long life out of your boots is to take proper care of them. Many people aren't sure where to start, but our leather care kit comes with everything you need. Inside the handsome bag, you'll find leather cleaner and conditioner, a horsehair brush, and more.

If you're looking for one of the most practical gift options for cowboys out there, this is it. And bonus, it's a great standalone gift or makes the perfect addition to a pair of new boots.

Tecovas Leather Care Kit

3. A Western Belt or Belt Buckle

Whether you're shopping for a genuine rancher or a gal who's into Western fashion, a belt or belt buckle makes the perfect gift.

For just a moment, picture a classic cowboy outfit—or even something you'd wear to a country music concert. The ensemble truly comes to life when completed with a bold, large buckle or Western belt.

An image

4. A Felt or Straw Cowboy Hat

If you have already checked boots off your list of gifts for a cowboy, another must-have Western item is a great cowboy hat. You can never go wrong with classic felt cowboy hats like The Ranchman from Tecovas. Another great choice, either as an option for hot weather or as an alternative for switching up your day-to-day wear occasionally, is a straw cowboy hat like The Cattleman.

Woman and Man wearing Cowboy Hats

5. A Western Ball Cap or Trucker Hat

If the guy or gal you're shopping for has a more casual style, consider Western ball caps & trucker hats as a gift. They're as versatile and practical as they come, with options ranging from minimalist to bold graphics and camouflage print, perfect for hunting or a day on the ranch.

Man wearing a ball cap looking down

6. A Western Wallet or Passport Case

Many folks—especially the fellas—tend to use their wallet until it's as worn out as an old saddle. Surprise your Western enthusiast with one of our handmade leather wallets, one of the most useful cowboy gifts.

Tecovas uses the same top-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in our wallets as we do in our cowboy boots, so you'll find options including goat leather, ostrich, lizard, and alligator.

Passport case and wallet on wood table

7. A Classic Pearl Snap Shirt

Pearl snap shirts undeniably rank high on the list of ideal Western gifts. Opt for a lightweight Easywear Pearl Snap shirt in short or long sleeves for everyday life like work and errands, or pick a Denim or Cotton Pearl Snap for occasions when y'all might want to get a bit more dressed up.

Man standing in studio wearing a pearl snap shirt

8. A Waxed Canvas or Premium Leather Bag

cowboys understand the value of durable accessories that are built to last. Though it may seem like any bag will do, the discerning cowboy knows that a high-quality leather or waxed canvas bag is a worthwhile investment. It's about finding a bag that doesn't just look good and stands up to the wear and tear of cowboy life.

Set of bags on snow background

At Tecovas, we offer a range of options from a convenient zippered travel kit to a versatile tote bag, a professional briefcase, and even a spacious Weekender duffel.

9. A Western Jacket or Overshirt

Many cowboys practically live in Western jackets and other outerwear, like vests and flannels. That's why they make one of the best gifts for a cowboy. Next time you need a gift, give your fella one more to love and put into rotation (and one more for you to steal on occasion). Choose from several handsomely rugged fabrics, including denim, twill, goat suede, waxed canvas, and flannel.

Man and Woman standing on rock in jacket and vest

10. A Cowboy Boot Jack or Insert

A cowboy boot jack is one of the most unique Western gifts for a couple of reasons. It's super practical, helping to remove boots properly and without damaging them, but it's also a stylish addition to any rustic or Western home decor. Our version even includes suede padding to ensure your boots don't get scratched while sliding them off.

Boot jack sitting on table with books

Along the same lines, a boot insert makes a wonderful and useful gift. An important step in properly storing boots and maintaining their structure and integrity over time, a boot insert really is a (Western) gift that keeps on giving.

11. A Pair of Deer Skin Chore Gloves

If you're shopping for someone who spends their days working with their hands, whether on a ranch, on horseback, on vehicles or heavy equipment, or even around the house, a pair of high-quality gloves makes one of the best gifts. Our deerskin chore gloves are soft and comfortable to wear, scratch- and puncture-resistant, and reinforced to be extra tough. They're also available in five sizes, so they come in extra "handy."

Pair of chore gloves lying on a table

12. A Carbon Steel Multi-Blade Pocket Knife & Sheath

There's probably not a cowboy alive who would argue against the fact that a pocket knife is one of the best Western gifts—as long as it's a quality knife. The Tecovas Pocket Knife Set is a trapper knife made with a cattle bone handle that comes with two carbon steel blades. The handsome leather sheath has a button loop and strap, so it's easy to wear on a belt for quick access.

Pocket knife strapped to a belt

13. A Magnetic Bottle Opener

Looking for simple and affordable cowboy gifts that anyone will love? A magnetic bottle opener is a solid choice, made from heavy cast iron and hand-forged in Maine. This opener is so sturdy you'll likely never need another.

Magnetic bottle opener on a table

14. A Tecovas Gift Card

Finally, if you're shopping for someone especially picky or you didn't find the perfect item on this list of gifts for a cowboy, you can always get them a unique gift card. The literal perfect gift, Tecovas digital gift cards are available in denominations from $25-1,000, and they fit everyone.

Gift card lying on wallet

Give the Spirit of the West with Great Cowboy Gifts from Tecovas

So there you have it, folks. We've done the hard work of curating these high-quality, durable items that embody the Western lifestyle and spirit. Now, it's up to you to make that final decision. So saddle up, start your shopping journey with Tecovas for that special person, and let's hit the gift-giving trail running.

For even more inspiration, tips, gifts, and product recommendations, visit True West Stories today.