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Image of man taking off boot using a boot jack

If you've ever stepped out of a pair of western boots and thought, “There must be an easier way!” then you’ll be happy to learn about a most marvelous invention — the boot jack. What is a boot jack? It’s a simple yet effective tool used to help slip your boot off your foot without having to bend over or struggle. Keep reading to learn how to use a boot jack to easily remove your western boots every time.

What is a Boot Jack?

A boot jack is a wooden device designed to grip the back of your boot to help with removal. It features a U-shaped mouth that wraps around the heel of the boot and a flat area where you step on and apply pressure with the opposite foot. The pressure applied to the flat area helps lift the boot off your foot.

Image of a boot jack

Do Boot Jacks Damage Boots?

If you don’t know how to use a boot jack, it can damage your boots. Damage can also occur if your boot jack is too big or small or if it’s poorly made. However, if you learn how to use a boot jack correctly, you can easily remove your boots without denting or scratching the leather. For those who wear extra-wide western boots, finding a boot jack that fits the width is essential.

How to Use a Boot Jack

The boot jack may be an old-fashioned tool, but it is still as handy as always. Here’s how to use a boot jack in four simple steps to make taking off your boots after a long day a breeze:

  • First, step on the flat area with one foot.
  • Next, place the opposite foot in front of the boot jack.
  • Then, slide the heel of the boot you want to remove into the U-shaped mouth of the boot jack.
  • Lastly, slide your foot out of the boot slowly.

​​While it is true that improper foot placement may result in dents or scratches in the leather, a boot jack won’t cause any harm when used correctly.

Boots are meant to provide a snug fit. This maximizes stability and comfort for long days on your feet. However, it means removing your boots can be a bit challenging. That’s where a boot jack comes in to help. However, if you struggle to remove your boots using a boot jack, it might be because your western boots are too small.

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Use a Boot Jack to Take Off Your Tecovas Western Boots with Ease

Did you recently purchase a new pair of Tecovas cowboy boots or cowgirl boots? Whether you've spent a full day riding the range, a few hours working on the ranch, or just want to relax your feet after a long day in the city, taking off your Tecovas boots doesn't have to be a chore. Get yourself a Tecovas boot jack and enjoy effortless removal of your boots every time for comfortable feet all day long. 

Our boot jack is handcrafted from solid Beechwood, ergonomically designed, and perfectly sized for removing Tecovas (and most other) western boots. Plus, the suede leather padding protects your favorite boots from scratching and damage during removal. It’s the perfect solution to removing your western boots with ease every time.