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Woman in mini skirt and cowgirl boots sitting in a chair smiling

Y'all have heard about Barbie Core, the Farmcore Aesthetic, Coastal Cowgirl, and even Coastal Grandmother. But now there's another trend sweeping TikTok, this one with an unlikely name: Tomato Girl Summer.

Woman in white sundress and white cowboy boots walking through field of flowers

The Annie

An alternative to the "hot girl summer" trend that's taken on different variations over the past several years, Tomato Girl Summer combines Mediterranean summer vibes with an Earthy color palette and lightweight, breezy fabrics. It's a wholesome, organic look that's ideal for summer — and just so happens to pair perfectly with Western fashion. It's no wonder A-list celebs, including Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, and Billie Eilish, are becoming Tomato Girls themselves.

So, want to live your best Tomato Girl Summer? Well, of course, you do, darlin'! Read on for a deep dive into what exactly this oddly-named trend is, as well as how to nail it and what new pieces you'll want to add to your wardrobe.

What Is Tomato Girl Summer?

Tomato Girl Summer is a relaxed, Under the Tuscan Sun-inspired fashion trend that celebrates the vibrant colors and carefree spirit of summer. With the juicy goodness of ripe tomatoes at its core, this trend embraces bold, fiery reds, from bright cherry hues to the orangey reds of the fruits themselves. In contrast, though, you'll also see a lot of delicate floral or vegetable prints and fabrics like lace and linen dresses. Oh, and don't worry if red isn't your favorite color because neutrals are also essential to Tomato Girl Summer, as are pops of garden greens and beachy blues.

If that sounds contradictory, remember that the Tomato Girl aesthetic is all about embracing those quintessential Mediterranean summers: long days, wine tasting, strolling around European squares without care, watching sunsets during the golden hour, immersing yourself in a great book, and indulging in rich, memorable meals.

The best way to incorporate all those elements? Channel your inner cowgirl and keep things mostly neutral while also infusing your wardrobe with just a touch of spicy, red-hot excitement.

How to Incorporate Tomato Girl Aesthetic Into Your Style

Whether you're attending a summer rodeo, killing time at a weekend farmers' market, or getting fancy for a date night, the Tomato Girl aesthetic works beautifully. Just remember to keep it simple — this whole look is inherently effortless.

Woman in long dress and white boots in front of red door

The Annie

Red Hot Accessories

Make a big impact by incorporating tomato-inspired accessories into your look. You can start small with items like an eye-catching belt, a vibrant red bandana tucked into your pocket or tied around your neck, or a bold red cowboy hat band. Of course, instead of a more subtle accessory, you can also rock a statement piece like a striking red purse or The Sadie boot in Rustic Brown. Either way, these pops of color will instantly add a dash of Tomato Girl flair to your outfit, not to mention turn heads!

Outside of Red, Keep Things Neutral

Once you decide on one or two statement red pieces, stick with neutrals for the rest of your Tomato Girl Summer aesthetic. Every imaginable shade of white and beige make a great base and you can't go wrong with garden-inspired greens and pops of Limoncello yellow. Coastal blue accents also tie seamlessly into the Tomato Girl aesthetic, so don't be afraid to rock your favorite cutoff denim.

Playful Prints and Patterns

Effortless and even whimsical prints and patterns capture the essence of Tomato Girl Summer. Think coastal stripes, picnic-ready gingham checks, and romantic florals. Tomato- and other food-themed motifs are on the proverbial table as well. Incorporate these into your shirts, dresses, or even accessories to create a natural focal point. The whole idea is to add a sense of unexpected playfulness to your summer style while otherwise keeping things timeless.

Easy-breezy Fabrics

Remember, it's Tomato Girl Summer, so we're all about fabrics that are airy, breezy, and have a bit of a sway to them. Think linen, crochet, lace, and gossamer-like cotton. Light-colored denim can also make a stylish statement.

Woman in white sundress and boots in front of sunflowers

The Thomas Rhett Macy

Feminine Silhouettes

Along the same lines as the fabrics, the overarching theme with Tomato Girl Summer the ease and beauty of a summer on the Mediterranean coast - effortless, feminine, and timeless. Maxi and midi-length skirts and dresses (especially those with a flare!), ruffles, and whimsical details like eyelet lace, intricate crochet, sweetheart neckline, and puff sleeves all deserve a spot in your Tomato Girl look.

Minimalist Hair and Makeup

Authentic Tomato Girls are sun-kissed and carefree like they've literally been frolicking in the sun for hours on a long summer day. With that in mind, keep your beauty routine to a minimum. Focus on rosy blush and glowy highlight for a bit of a natural-looking flush, and let your hair do its natural thing. Bandannas or head scarves are awesome for keeping your hair out of your face with almost no effort.

Even for dressier nighttime looks, go light on the eyeliner and keep sparkle to your face makeup only, just enough to highlight your natural features.

Dare to Wear Red Lips

There is one exception to the Tomato Girl Summer minimalist beauty look: bold red lipstick. This is one of the simplest and most fun ways to embrace your inner Tomato Girl, instantly adding a touch of color and confidence to your look.

Minimal Jewelry

Between the bold color palette and busy prints, there's already plenty going on with the Tomato Girl style. To perfectly complement the aesthetic without distracting from it, stick with everyday staples in gold, or skip it all together. Choose a simple chain necklace with a small pendant, stud earrings, a thin bracelet, or a few stackable rings.

Mix and Match

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment and mix a few Tomato Girl pieces with your existing go-to's. Pair a red bandana with your favorite denim jacket or Western booties, or style a floral midi skirt with a classic white tee. Infusing Tomato Girl items with your personal style will create a unique, eye-catching ensemble that perfectly captures the essence of this trend while still feeling authentically you.

Tecovas + Tomato Girl Summer

Woman in white overalls and boots

The Sadie

However you choose to rock your own version of Tomato Girl Summer, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that this look is, by nature, carefree. It also doesn't necessarily have to be a fleeting trend, y'all. The aesthetic is universally flattering and easy to incorporate, and best of all doesn't require you to buy anything ultra-trendy or way outside your comfort zone. Sprinkle a few red and patterned pieces into your regular rotation of women’s Western jeans and cowgirl boots, and you're already living a Tomato Girl Summer without trying too hard!

So grab your favorite pair of Tecovas (or treat yourself to a new pair!), find a new red-hot shade of lipstick, and let your inner Tomato Girl shine!