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Woman on faem wearing floral dress

Thanks to TikTok, we have another new, obsession-worthy fashion trend on our radar: the Farmcore aesthetic. This one is a variation and slight mash-up of two other new-ish trends, Coastal Cowgirl and Cottagecore aesthetic, best described as effortlessly undone and a bit gritty (in a very, very good way!), with hints of both romance and Western flair.

Woman in boots holding wildflowers in a field

The Jessie

Unlike some of the other micro-aesthetics out there, Farmcore is genuinely easy to incorporate into your daily style. It's all about slow, unfussy living, drawing inspiration from minimalist makeup, perfectly mismatched outfits, and boots with a bit of caked-on dirt.

Grab your favorite pair of cowgirl boots, and let's go over everything you need to know to perfect the Farmcore aesthetic.

Defining Farmcore Fashion

We touched on the basics of Farmcore, but what is it, exactly? At its core, this aesthetic embodies the art of slow living replace with "and romanticizes homesteading and farm life".. Think strolling out of bed to pick a fresh tomato from the garden. There's nothing on your agenda for the day but sharing some iced tea on your neighbor's front porch and maybe an afternoon nap with the sun streaming in through an open window.

Ultimately, the Farmcore aesthetic is soft and delicate yet rugged and tough, like hands calloused from work. Although there are some similarities and even overlap with other micro-trends, this contrast — romanticizing life on a farm, which is by definition grueling — is precisely what sets Farmcore apart. `

How to Put Together Farmcore Outfits

Whether you're brand new to the Farmcore aesthetic or you're a pro who's looking to switch up your look, we're taking a deep dive into the basics of this eclectic trend:

Boot Up

There's no rule saying you have to wear boots with every Farmcore outfit...but then again, you absolutely could. From classic cowboy boots like The Sadie worn under flowy dresses to stylish Western booties paired with your favorite worn-in denim, there's a style out there that will perfectly anchor every Farmcore outfit.

Farmer in overalls and cowgirl boots sitting on hay

The Annie

Deck Yourself Out in Denim

When it comes to Farmcore outfits, denim is your best friend. Think beyond just women's Western jeans — chambray shirts, denim jackets, cutoff shorts, overalls, and jean skirts all lend themselves perfectly to Farmcore. Opt for light washes, and some fraying for that coveted worn-in look to add a touch of authenticity to your 'fit. Pair your favorite denim pieces with a pair of boots, preferably dirt-covered, and a few rustic accessories for a perfect Farmcore foundation.

Pile on the Patterns

Now that you have the two major basics down, it's time to liven up your outfits. Since this trend’s color palette focuses on muted colors, no Farmcore gal's wardrobe is complete without a healthy dose of prints. Flannel and lightweight plaid shirts are an excellent staple to start with, and, of course, they also work seamlessly in any type of Western fashion look. But don't stop there. Sprinkle in floral prints in a variety of colors and types, stripes and gingham checks but don't shy away from more whimsical or even unexpected motifs like animals or food. 

For the most part, the Farmcore color palette includes muted watercolors. That's not a hard and fast rule by any means, but softer colors work with the trend a bit better than bold primary colors.

Learn to Love Layering

Layering is another way to achieve the quintessential Farmcore aesthetic. In addition to playing around with contrasting patterns or colors, experiment with wearing overshirts, lightweight sweaters, dresses, and skirts or shorts over tights to add depth and texture to your outfits. This is the "undone" aspect of Farmcore fashion that gives the aesthetic its eclectic and effortlessly chic vibe.

Get in Touch With Your Romantic Side

Piggybacking on the importance of patterns and layers, be sure to incorporate some dreamy romantic details into your Farmcore outfits. Think ruffles, lace, crochet, and intricate embroidery. Wearing contrasting fabrics, like luxe suede or velvet with linen or twill, is also a subtle but very effective way to inject some romanticism into your look. 

Accessorize Like a Pro

Accessories are the proverbial cherry on top of the Farmcore aesthetic. The best part about this is that there are really no rules. Consider topping your outfit with a cowgirl hat to protect your skin from the sun, or tie a bandana around your neck or through a belt loop on your jeans. 

Add a chunky or braided belt to accessorize literally any outfit, stack a series of dainty rings, necklaces, or bracelets or wear a statement piece, tuck some flowers in your hair, or tie an apron on over a dress...the sky really is the limit! To take the look over the top, carry a rattan or basket-style handbag. These playful details really make a Farmcore ensemble pop, especially in the summer.

Farmcore Outfits, 3 Ways

Want some real-life examples of how to incorporate all these different elements into your look? We've got ya covered, cowgirl!

Classic Cowgirl Chic: Start with a pair of comfy, well-worn jeans and tie a plaid flannel shirt at the waist. Slip on your favorite Tecovas boots, then add a belt with a statement buckle. Top it off with a hat, some oversized sunnies, and a colorful suede fringe bag for the ultimate cowgirl cool.

Prairie Princess: Opt for a flowy floral maxi dress with delicate ruffle details. Layer a cropped denim jacket on top and accessorize the 'fit with a slim leather belt and ankle booties like The Daisy. Finish the look with a dainty pendant necklace and a straw cowboy hat for a touch of carefree whimsy.

Urban Rancher: For a decidedly modern twist on Farmcore, pair a chambray denim shirt with high-waisted jeans and Western booties. The idea is to be a little undone, remember, so the jeans should be relaxed rather than a skinny fit. In cool weather, throw on a faux fur or sherpa vest for added warmth and style. Complete the ensemble with a statement necklace or earrings and a basket bag.

Find Your Inner Farmcore With Tecovas

Woman in dress and suede boots walking in a field

With this breakdown, plus our tips and examples, we hope you're well on your way to rocking the Farmcore aesthetic with confidence. Remember, this fashion trend is all about embracing your inner cowgirl (or cowboy!) and slow, simpler living, then adding a touch of country charm to your everyday style.

So slip into your favorite jeans, pull on those fabulous mud-speckled boots, and show us your best Farmcore outfits! And before you go, head over to our blog for more Western fashion inspiration from Tecovas. Happy styling, y'all!