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Woman in a white dress and boots walking a horse along the beach

Howdy, darlin'! The coastal cowgirl aesthetic is popping up everywhere, and it looks as though it's going to be more than a fleeting trend.

Effortlessly blending western fashion with the laid-back, slow-paced mindset associated with seaside living, it's hard not to love the coastal cowgirl look. Denim, a pair of classic cowgirl boots, a great hat, and a few versatile staple pieces in an earth tone palette — what's not to love?

If you want to rock this trend and make sure you get it just right, this guide is for you. Best of all, there's an excellent chance that you already have at least a few coastal cowgirl essentials in your closet. Read on for tips on how to style them, plus which new pieces are worth investing in. Let's get to it!

What Does Coastal Cowgirl Mean, Exactly?

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic is all about embracing both the wild west and beachy vibes. Think timeless cowboy boots paired with flowy sundresses or skirts, denim cutoffs with fringed crop tops or graphic tees, and plenty of turquoise jewelry to top it all off.

Essentials for Nailing the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

Remember, this fun trend is all about channeling your inner cowgirl while still keeping things easy-breezy. It works beautifully whether you're hitting up the rodeo, strolling along the shore, or headed out for a night on the town. With that in mind, here are several items you should have on hand to make the coastal cowgirl aesthetic your own.

Cowgirl Boots

The most important item in nailing the coastal cowgirl aesthetic is finding the perfect pair of boots. Look for boots that are both functional and stylish, something you'll be comfortable walking around in, but that also pairs well with cutoff denim shorts or a cute sundress. The Annie, particularly in Indigo or Bone, is tailor made for the look.


A great pair of denim is another essential building block in fully embracing coastal cowgirl style. Opt for your favorite pair of worn-in jeans, rock a pair of cutoffs that show off your legs (and boots!), or throw on a denim jacket. The choice is yours!

Cowgirl Hat

No coastal cowgirl look is complete without a hat. It's right up there with cowgirl boots and worn-in denim! A classic cowboy hat like The Ranchman or a wide-brimmed hat a la your favorite country music singer is always a fantastic choice — but if you want to mix it up, try a straw hat or floppy beach hat. This is an especially great look for festivals and, of course, beach days, with the perfect amount of whimsy.

Casual Tops

When it comes to coastal cowgirl clothing, keep your look simple and timeless. A pearl snap shirt that's both buttoned-up and slightly flowy gives off a perfect beachy vibe, while fun graphic tees and staple tanks pair perfectly with denim and boots. We especially love the low-profile Jolene boot with the cutoffs-and-tee look.

Pro tip: size up one or two on your tops so that you have room to do a slight tuck, critical to getting that laid-back flow look!

Mid-length skirts and dresses

Ideal for everything from church to errands to line dancin’ and boot-scootin'.

Timeless, Understated Accessories

Finally, coastal cowgirl is all about the accessories. The aesthetic calls for a mix of western and beachy elements, and the key is to make them look effortlessly mismatched. Think pearl drop earrings, turquoise or sea glass jewelry, a straw or fringe handbag, or a neutral-colored bandana worn around the neck or even tucked into a jeans pocket. Mix and match different textures, materials, and colors to add your own unique touch to the look.

Shop Tecovas to Perfect Your Coastal Cowgirl Look

With the right boots, accessories, and clothing, you'll be rocking the coastal cowgirl look in no time. So grab your favorite pair of Tecovas and hit the beach in coastal cowgirl style. Before you go, stop by the blog for more tips, products, and inspiration for livin’ the western way, from the mountains to the sea.