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Two women in jeans and boots with a dog

Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Bonnie and Clyde. Jeans and cowboy boots. If you’re new to the world of cowboy boots (howdy, pardner), you, like many others, may have questions about exactly how to wear cowboy boots with jeans and whether jeans tucked into boots is a fashion do or don’t.

Our honest answer? It depends!

Like so many other things in the fashion world, there are few hard-and-fast rules about pairing boots and jeans. Whether you should wear jeans tucked into cowboy boots is largely circumstantial (Are you a man or a woman? Is it a rodeo or a wedding, and then, what kind of rodeo or wedding?). Personal preferences also come into play based on the look you're going for.

Let's take a closer look at when it's A-okay to wear jeans tucked into boots — and when it's best to steer clear.

Cowgirl and cowboy leading horses through the desert

Boots Over Jeans Rules for Men vs. Women

As a general rule, men should almost always wear their jeans over their cowboy boots. Fellas, the only times you should opt for the boots-over-jeans look is when you're working outside, riding through the dirt, mud, or water, or taking part in some other rugged outdoor activity.

Cowboy in hat and boots sitting on a fence

The Prescott in Hickory Bison

In these situations, tucking your pants in is strictly about utility; you want them out of the way so they can't get snagged or dirty. Your boot shafts will also better protect your lower legs from thorns, cacti, and other debris.

On the other hand, ladies can get away with wearing boots over jeans in almost any scenario (and often do) because those boots usually deserve to be shown off!

Woman in denim and cowgirl boots running through ranch

The Sadie

Formality Rules About Wearing Pants Tucked Into Boots

For more formal events, wearing pants over boots is almost always the way to go — for men. Ladies can choose from either look in dressier situations but more often wear their pants tucked into cowgirl boots. Many would agree this look is a slightly more formal, tailored look for women.

Pant Style Matters

Another important consideration when deciding whether to wear your pants tucked into boots is the type of pants you pair ‘em with. For instance, loose-fitting or baggy jeans tend to look sloppy, creating wrinkling and bunching above the boot shaft – not to mention feeling uncomfortably tight.

Fellas, give your baggy denim the boot. Instead, reach for a pair of standard or straight-cut jeans. Ladies, If you plan to wear your jeans tucked into cowboy boots from the beginning, we recommend narrow-cut or skinny jeans and avoiding straight-leg or any type of flared bottoms altogether. Tecovas Men’s Jeans and Tecovas Women’s Jeans check all the boxes for quality, comfort, and style.

Cowgirl standing with two horses in front of a sunset

The same rule works in reverse, as well. Tighter-fitting and shorter boot styles like western booties simply don't work well having pants tucked into them.

Pant length also plays a major role in the overall look. Jeans that are slightly too short or too long may look awkward tucked into boots, bunch up above the shaft, and fail to stay put.

Man relaxing with boots up on a coffee table

The Dillon

However, if you want to show off a pair of boots, wearing pants with a slightly shorter hem can be beneficial. This shorter hem will cause your pant leg to rise a tad bit more as you walk and when you sit, allowing the details of your boots to peek through underneath. Just don't go too short, or you'll end up with an unsightly high-water look.

One more thing: guys, if you're wearing something dressier than jeans, such as slacks, never, ever tuck your pants into boots! Just trust us on this one.

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Perfect The Classic Jeans Tucked Into Boots Look With Tecovas

Ultimately, the most important thing is whether or not you feel comfortable wearing your pants tucked into boots. Because the style you feel most confident rocking will always be the "right" one!

Regardless of how you wear your boots and jeans, Tecovas has you covered with a fantastic selection of both. We design our high-quality, handcrafted boots, apparel, and accessories to keep you comfortable and confident in every setting. Shop western clothes from Tecovas today to find your new go-to style for work, play, and everything in between. For more tried-and-true tips, tricks, and Western-inspired style, check out our blog.