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MOST BOOTS ARE MADE USING CHEAP MATERIALSMost retail brands have spent the last couple decades cutting costs to reduce price—resulting in cheap, ugly, and uncomfortable materials. Low-cost outer leather, pig skin or artificial lining, artificial or recycled heels, and rubber soles.THE TECOVAS WAYWe’ve made the decision to not cut corners on the materials we use to make our boots. Comfort is the top priority, so our outer leathers are custom-tanned to be more comfortable than any other boots on the market. We only use bovine leather lining, stacked leather heels, and 100% leather outsoles (which make for great dancing boots!).MOST BOOTS ARE POORLY CONSTRUCTEDMaking boots by hand ain’t cheap—so, many brands have moved away from classic, handcrafted bootmaking techniques, including hand-stitched Goodyear welt construction that allows boots to be re-soled instead of needing to be replaced. Most lower-end brands have instead moved to machine-made footwear and glued-on soles!THE TECOVAS WAYWe’ve always appreciated the timeless tradition of handmade boot-making and the high-quality boots it produces, so we’ve committed ourselves to making every boot we sell by hand. It requires more time, skill and cost—but we’re proud of the results. All of our boots are 100% handcrafted, with Goodyear welt construction and hand-hammered lemonwood pegs. These boots will last a lifetime, just like the best boots have throughout the centuries.MOST BOOTS ARE SIMPLY OVER-PRICEDThe vast majority of boot brands rely on traditional retailers like big box western stores (as well as boutiques) to sell their products. But when a boot brand sells to a “middleman” like a retailer, the store typically marks the wholesale price of the boot 2-3 times before reaching retail price! A boot that is made for $100 and then sold from brand to retailer for $200 is then sold to you for $400-$600!THE TECOVAS WAYWe have committed to selling 100% of our boots directly to you, meaning we only take the typical brand markup (1x) instead of 2-3x…resulting in boots that are twice the quality of similar-priced boots—and half the price (or less) of boots of the same quality! Cutting out the middleman means we can sell great boots at great prices—honestly.

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