Every moment matters, y’all. And in every moment, there’s a choice to make. We can sit around and watch them go by or we can listen to that little voice that says, “now is the time, this is the place” and own each and every one. Whether you’re cutting a rug, closing a deal, or hitting the town with your crew, pull on your boots — and Don’t Go Gently.



Get to know these kindred spirits doing it their own way. #GoInTecovas

Angel White: Musician

In 2015, I dropped out … and started a band.

Jon Flaming: Artist

The beaten path has never interested me.

Abraham Alexander: Musician

Open mic is tough because you're singing to strangers, and not just strangers, a room full of other musicians.

Stephen Yellowtail: Rancher

I represent my dad, my grandfather, and the hard work they went through to get respect from non-native communities. I’m what’s come before and what’s to come.

Micah Fink: Heroes & Horses

The obstacle is the opportunity.

Linnaea Elzinga: Alderspring Ranch

That stubbornness to … question what’s “always been done” … made our ranch what it is today.

Julius Tillery: BlackCotton

Cotton is our culture. Most places where cotton is grown are impoverished, so we're turning it into something valuable.

El Federico: Artist

When the paintbrush drops, the bullsh*t stops.

Ivan McClellan: Photographer

If I'm feeling separated from the culture, I flip through the photos and am taken back to that day's energy.

Brad Leone: Chef

I like cooking, but I mess things up all the time.

Larry Callies: The Black Cowboy Museum

In the 1960s … the kids would kick me, or trip me if I had a pair of cowboy boots on.

Chris Eyers: Mule Dragger

The heart of the wilderness is within the wilderness of your heart. Ride there.

Shane Smith: Musician

We had the bus fire … my truck got stolen with my dog in it. Stover got bit by a rattlesnake… Chase had a motorcycle accident. Now … we laugh it off.

Jillian Lukiwski: The Noisy Plume

Being in America has allowed us to … pursue multiple dreams at the same time.

Josh Eilers: Ranger Cattle

I believe that your work is a mirror.

Mike Sarraille: Veteran, Author, and Philanthropist

My guiding principle is life in service of others.

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