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Man on horse wearing cowboy hat

Tell us about how you got into fashion design. What are your favorite areas of focus?

I originally got into fashion through photography — I’ve always been drawn to the storytelling element which to me, goes hand-in-hand with fashion. Additionally, I love how clothing can transform perspective and mood and how one can express characteristics and culture through style.

“Purposeful, timeless, and made-to-live-in pieces that evoke a sense of American romance with a raw western nostalgia.”
- Kristopher Brock

What inspired this collection?

The objective was to translate the core values that Tecovas was founded upon into a women’s-focused capsule collection of purposeful, timeless, and made-to-live-in pieces that evoke a sense of American romance with a raw western nostalgia.

split image of woman in Tecovas & Kristopher Brock dress and boots on the left, and woman wearing Tecovas & Kristopher Brock Floral Ranch Scarf on the right

My process always starts with the woman — her lifestyle and needs in a wardrobe. In this case, growing up in Texas and having a personal love for western heritage, I looked at those closest to me for inspiration. For me, the Tecovas woman is a romantic but takes no sh*t! Transitional pieces are essential. She’s out on the ranch but also in the city. Her pieces are special, but never too precious, and they’re meant to be lived in.

What do you find inspirational about the West?

To me, the West represents hard work and simpler times. I’ve always looked up to my dad for how hard he works. For 30 years, he’s built swimming pools in South Texas in the field and heat every day, and on the weekends works 12-hour days at the family ranch. Never stops working, never complains, and is always ready for a cold beer!

Being from Corpus Christi, what does being a Texan mean to you, and how that impacts your design aesthetic?

​​To me, it’s about being humble but never being afraid of a challenge. Experimenting and looking at things through a new lens. Creating pieces and stories that are meaningful and add purpose to your process and day to day.

There’s a theme in these pieces of marrying the materials and design to the Texas landscape…

Well, I imagined her on horseback, galloping through fields when sketching the collection.

split image of Kristopher Brock on the left and woman in Tecovas & Kristopher Brock dress holding sunflowers

Texture was very important when picking fabrics for this collection — printed eyelet, printed crinkled cotton voile with embroidery, and cotton canvas are a couple of the core fabrics in the collection. With the prints, we wanted to represent wind-blown fields with a natural and subtle color palette, but with hints of pop and novel-type finishing.

Has living in LA changed your view of the West? Do you miss it?

The ranch in Texas, with my family and friends, is still one of my favorite places to be — so of course I miss it — but I’ve always loved traveling and gaining new perspectives. LA and NY have always been great places for me to be professionally and it works for now, but my dream is to retire somewhere one day on the coast of Europe; living in swim shorts, cowboy boots, and a hat.

Yee Haw! Okay, so let’s talk boots…

To me, boots are meant to be lived in and help you tell your story. These three boots were developed with the mindset of just that — the more beat-up the better! They all come slightly distressed to help you get past the feeling of being too precious, or new. And they’re all designed to tie back to be ready-to-wear or live within your current favorite looks.

three pairs of cowgirl boots

They’re undeniably fashion-forward and have some design details that are unlike anything we’ve made. Let’s go through them one by one:

The Abby in Forest by Kristopher Brock: Cut in a forest green, this boot is the tallest of the three. The vamp is constructed in sueded Nile croc, and the bovine shaft has thread-embroidered desert poppies. My personal fav — I would pair back to shorter dress options. (The Ava Dress, The Emma Dress, The May Dress, The June Dress)

split image of a pair of Tecovas Annie boots on the left, and woman in dress holding a chicken

The Annie in Brick by Kristopher Brock: Cut in burgundy suede, with ditsy floral inlays running up the boot. I would pair these back to the longer dress options. (The Charlie Dress, The India Dress, The Mila Dress, The Willow Dress)

The Sadie in Clay by Kristopher Brock: I love the softness and subtle texture of nubuck, which is really a type of fine suede. I would pair these back to denim and have the shaft motif peek out. (The Charlotte Top, The Floral Wild Rag)

What do you hope people notice about this collection?

Quality, craft, and fit always play a major role in collection development for me, and this collection is no different. The fabrics and amount of attention to detail in each piece, at this price point, is something very special.

split image of woman in Tecovas & Kristopher Brock dress and cowboy hat on the left, and woman in dress on the right

And finally, what does “Don’t Go Gently” mean to you, and how does this collection embody that?

​​To always be true to yourself. Don’t go looking for trouble, but stand up for what’s right.

Oh, well said. Anything else?

Tecovas has been a company I have worn and admired for several years now and I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their first women’s ready-to-wear capsule collection.

Each piece from this collection means a great deal to me personally and I am excited to finally share this project with you all. Thank you to Paul, and everyone at Tecovas for all your hard work and help in bringing this project to life!

No, thank you, Kris! We’re excited about this new frontier for our customers. We think they’ll love it!

Kristopher Brock and Kaitlynn Carter riding horses

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Kristopher Brock & Janell Shirtclif