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Woman wearing white boots and dress

If you've ever felt the magnetic pull of cowboy boots, the allure of a denim-on-denim look, or the classic charm of pearl snaps and suede, you're in excellent company. Today, we're highlighting five Western trends that have solidified their place in fashion. It's not merely about what you wear; it's about embracing the spirit of the community of those who have crafted the Western fashion space.

What Is Western Fashion?

When we ask, "How would you describe Western Fashion?", we're not only inquiring about a clothing style; we're delving into a rich cultural legacy that mirrors the rugged, untamed spirit of 19th-century America.
Originating from the practical needs of cowboys and frontiersmen, Western fashion has evolved significantly over the centuries. It started as a collection of garments designed for durability and comfort in the harsh conditions of the Wild West. This functional attire, necessary for cattle drives and long days on the ranch, gradually morphed into a distinctive style recognized worldwide.

Men and Woman standing in dirt wearing boots and hats

At the core of Western fashion are several key elements, each with its own historical significance:

Cowboy boots are iconic to this style. Initially designed for horseback riding, these boots are characterized by a high top to protect the legs, a sturdy heel to anchor the boot in stirrups, and a pointed toe for ease of sliding into the saddle. From the beginning, cowboy boots have been more than utilitarian with colors, stitching patterns, toe shapes, and heel heights all leaning into individual personality and style. Today, they’re a statement symbolizing the the ruggedness they are known for and the individuality of the Western spirit.

Cowboy hats, another integral part of Western wear, were created to shield wearers from the harsh sun and inclement weather of the open plains. The wide-brimmed design, typically made of felt or straw, has become synonymous with Western fashion, embodying both practicality and a sense of adventure. There may be nothing more personal to a cowboy than the shape of his hat.

Denim, particularly blue jeans, is a staple in Western attire. Initially favored by miners and cowboys for their durability, jeans have become a universal symbol of Western fashion, celebrated for their comfort and versatility. The evolution of denim from workwear to everyday wear reflects the broader trend of Western fashion moving from ranches to urban settings.

Western shirts, often adorned with pearl snaps and intricate designs like plaid, offer a glimpse into the more decorative aspects of this fashion. These shirts, along with Western dresses, often feature bold patterns, fringes, and embroidery, alluding to the craftsmanship and aesthetic flair that are hallmarks of Western style.

Suede, a material commonly used in Western fashion, adds a touch of luxury and elegance. It’s often seen in vests, jackets, and chaps, offering both durability and a nod to the practicality that the rustic charm of the Old West emodies.

Today, when we observe Western fashion, we see a rich evolution, transforming from functional attire to a distinct fashion trend that continues to captivate people from all walks of life. It's a tribute to a bygone era, a symbol of freedom and individuality, and a timeless fashion statement that resonates in contemporary culture. Western fashion isn't only for those geographically in the West. It’s for anyone who wants to better connect with the restless spirit of the West through footwear.

5 Current Trends in Western Wear That Are Here to Stay

This year, certain Western-inspired trends have emerged as more than fleeting fashions; they're here to stay, carving out a niche in the wardrobe of the style-conscious. Let's explore the five current trends in Western wear that are defining the genre:

1. Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots: Stomp in Style

Woman wearing Blue boots standing by a fence

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the resurgence of the cowboy boot, a trend that's firmly planting its heels in the fashion world. These cowboy and cowgirl boots come in an array of styles - from the sleek and chic to the rugged and rowdy, offering a perfect fit for every personality. The beauty of a pair of cowboy boots lies in their versatility; they're not just for jeans anymore. Imagine pairing them with flowing skirts or even sharp suits for a bold fashion statement.

At Tecovas, we've proudly been part of the cowboy boot resurgence, offering styles like our best-selling classic women’s boot, The Annie, and our tried and true Men’s roper boot, The Earl. Our boots are more than just footwear; they're a declaration of independence that the west embodies and a statement piece for one’s style.

2. Cowboy/Cowgirl Hats: Not Just for Rodeos Anymore

Girl wearing cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat standing near fence

No longer just for the ranch and the rodeo, cowboy and cowgirl hats have made their way into mainstream fashion. These hats are now stylish accessories used to add flair to a variety of outfits. Embrace the adventurous spirit of the West in your everyday life with a Tecovas cowboy or cowgirl hat.

3. Suede: The Western Whisperer

Man petting horse wearing suede jacket

Suede in Western-inspired fashion is like a whisper in the wild West. Soft to the touch and oozing with premium looks, this luxurious material has made its way into all forms of apparel - from stylish boots to timeless jackets and accessories.

At Tecovas, our collection features both women’s suede blazers and men’s suede puffer vests, which bring sophistication to Western wear.

4. Denim on Denim: Double the Fun

Couple leaning against truck wearing denim outfit and boots

Denim is the cornerstone of Western wear, and the denim-on-denim trend brings double the charm and double the fun. At Tecovas we’re redefining the “Canadian tuxedo”. It's not just two denim pieces; it's an artful mix of textures, shades, and styles. It’s a playful yet sophisticated combination that honors both Western roots and modern fashion.

5. Western Dresses and Pearl Snaps: Earthy and Enchanting

Two women hugging in dresses and boots

Tecovas’ Western dresses, like The Charlie and The Mila, capture the essence of the Western spirit with a delicate touch. In earthy tones and flowy fabrics, western dresses are meant to be simple, easily paired, and fashion-forward. They're perfect for those who want to subtly embrace the Western aesthetic.

Embracing these Western wear trends allows you to curate a style that's uniquely yours. It's not just about following fashion; it's about creating your narrative, one where you can blend tradition with modernity, ruggedness with elegance. Each piece, be it a pair of cowboy boots or a denim jacket with pearl snaps, is a building block to express your individuality. In the world of Western wear, you're not just dressing up; you're telling your story, marching to the beat of your own drum with each carefully chosen piece.

Discover the Best in Timeless and Modern Western Wear with Tecovas: Your Final Frontier in Fashion

We invite you to explore our Western wear collection, where each cowboy and cowgirl boot, hat, denim piece, and pearl snap is more than just attire – it's a tribute to the enduring Western spirit, reimagined for today's fashion-forward individual.

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Choose Tecovas for a blend of unmatched quality and distinctive style, and carry your Western legacy with elegance and pride. Your journey into the heart of Western fashion starts with us.