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Birthday month hero with disco ball in desert


When I started Tecovas in 2015, I had no idea we’d make it a year let alone eight. Your passion and enthusiasm got us here. And with each successive year, as our company and western family grows, I find more and more reasons to celebrate.

Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or a casual fan, October will have something for everyone. Between a stunning array of new men’s and women’s boot launches, surprises, and weekly events at Tecovas Stores from coast to coast — I can’t think of a better way to stride into boot season.

With that, how many boots would you release to celebrate your 8th birthday? Hmmm.

Cheers and stay tuned!

- Paul

Walk down (boot) memory lane with our founder, Paul, as he gives an exclusive closet tour to talk about his top eight boots in honor of #TecovasTurns8.

Keep an eye on our New Arrivals collection to catch our weekly drops during the month of October.


Note by

Paul Hedrick, Tecovas Founder