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A person wearing red leather boots and a black and white checkered skirt sits outdoors on the grass.

If you’re looking for summer style trends to make this your most stylish season ever, look no further than Tecovas. This summer is the season for feminine florals, handcrafted details, and American heritage – all the elements to make them both hot right now, and timeless for all the years to come. Combining nostalgia, quality, and a little whimsy, these summer outfits will take you from a backyard barbecue to your best friend’s wedding in style.

Person in a wide-brimmed hat and long yellow dress walking on a sidewalk with star-shaped decorations.

Florals and Feminine Dresses

Feminine floral motifs are perennial patterns that always feel fresh and new. With the addition of lightweight materials and soft silhouettes, flowery dresses will always be a go-to summer fashion trend.

Featured Products

The ease and grace of our Short-Sleeved Button-Front dress gets a summertime twist with the help of airy fabric and a delicate floral design. This essential prairie-style maxi dress is a staple for country — and country at heart — gals everywhere. At the other end of the hemline spectrum, the sure-to-flatter Mini V-Neck Ruched Dress is a classic cotton mini-dress destined to set the stage for your big date nights.

Our Embroidered Double Gauze top offers a more subtle take on this flowery trend. A breathable gauze top is a warmer weather staple with delicate floral accents and a relaxed fit ideal for lounging. Even on the scorchers, its gauzy fabric that flutters with every breeze will keep you looking perfectly put-together in any setting.

Styling Tips

The key to styling sweet-looking floral prints is to incorporate subtle contrasts. This will enhance the whimsical look instead of overpowering it. A simple, neutral boot or understated jacket will finish off soft floral looks to perfection.


A stylish country classic will take you from day to night, working overtime in a host of settings. Whether you’re taking to the dance floor or planning a picture-perfect picnic date, these top picks will meet the dress code for any summer event.

Crafted Details

With all of its fun, festivities, and special occasions, summer demands something extra from your wardrobe. With Tecovas, above and beyond comes from handcrafted quality, down to the smallest detail.

Featured Products

Tecovas highlights carefully crafted summer style with its luxurious Carmen sandals. Made from ostrich, python, and lizard leathers, this sandal’s clever design is matched by its meticulous construction. The upper strap’s distinguishing central notch is both functional and fashion-forward. The lovingly stitched leather sole and cushioned insole make these flat slip-ons as secure and comfortable as they are flattering.

The limited edition Annie Star is a cowgirl boot worth catching. There’s a whole wide world of Annie’s to choose from, in a range of supple materials and colors. Add a pop with Lagoon or find your daily driver in a goes-with-everything shade.

Three pairs of slip-on sandals lie on grass. The sandals are displayed with different designs: brown with a snake pattern, light blue with studs, and solid black.

Styling Tips

When you wear statement pieces with this level of craftsmanship, they speak for themselves. These standout shoes and accessories work best as the punchy focal point of an otherwise neutral or subdued outfit. Let a simple cotton shirt and pair of jeans be the classic backdrop to handcrafted pieces everyone will talk about.

 A woman wearing a Tecovas Denim Pearl Snap Cutoff top

Building Western Coordinated Sets

What is it that transforms a simple outfit into a “look”? There’s no exact recipe, but you know it when you see it walking down the street. Effortless yet thoughtful, understated yet eye-catching. In our West, that comes naturally.

Featured Products

Building a coordinated ensemble by combining multiple denim pieces is a time-tested trend that appears trickier than it is. The secret key to the denim trend is mixing different washes. That way, your outfit looks curated rather than simply cut from the same cloth!

The Tecovas Denim Pearl Snap is a perfect staple for building out your blues. Paired with the Smile Pocket Denim Skirt, you’ll look cool without trying too hard. And when it’s really bringing the heat, its sans-sleeve cousin, the Denim Pearl Snap Cutoff is a smart go-to.

Of course, a set doesn’t have to consist of garments that are similar in style and color. Sometimes two very different pieces can look like they were always meant to be together. An excellent example is the combo of a Tecovas Denim Trucker jacket, worn over a delicate feminine dress. In this pairing, the classic ruggedness of the denim jacket highlights the softness of the dress, and the result is a summertime classic.

Styling Tips

How you choose to style your matched set depends on whether you’re going subtle or bold. It can be daring and fun to add details that contrast with an otherwise matching outfit. Just take care that the contrast isn’t so jarring that you throw off the harmony of the overall look.


Coordinated sets show you’ve made an effort to look polished. For that reason, we think they’re perfect for occasions like first dates or a girls’ night out, moments when your efforts will be especially appreciated.

Vintage Americana

Summer means there are adventures to be had and long days to be savored. Whatever is on your bucket list, worn in comfort out of the box is our guarantee. Put your boots up and your hair down — it’s going to be one worth remembering.

Featured Products

Tecovas’ Dolly Blouse is vintage Western wear in an up-to-date breathable COOLMAX® fabric, featuring recognizable contrast piping and arrow-tipped smile pockets that prove everything old is new again. The Vintage Sawtooth Cotton Pearl Snap shirt brings another classic All-American look to your summer style. Wear either of these timeless tops over our perfectly frayed denim Cutoff Shorts, and you’ll ace both the trend and the tradition of Americana.

A woman wearing denim overalls, a white tank top, and a red cap kneels by a tackle box, while a man in a cowboy hat and jeans casts a fishing rod by a pond in the background.

Styling Tips

Leaning into traditional Americana doesn’t have to mean that you tumble over into a look that’s over the top. The trick is to balance vintage with more neutral and modern pieces. Your look should wink at the past without suggesting that you live there.


Style plays well in just about any casual summer occasion. Whether you’re adding your own sparkle to a fireworks display or kicking back with a beer by a bonfire, you’ll wave the flag for tradition and look good doing it.

Woman in a checked dress and red boots joyfully runs through a grassy park near a pond on a sunny day.

Summer Style Trends with a Tecovas Signature

Summer is the time for florals, timeless craft, smart sets, and nostalgic Americana to shine bright. Incorporating these warm-weather trends into your wardrobe is as easy and sweet as apple pie — if you know where to look. And you’re looking at the right place. Tecovas will always keep you on trend for summer and every other season.

Get outfitted for a summer to remember by checking out all the summer style trends in Tecovas’ latest collections.