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Three different styles of ostrich boots on display

Whether you've been wearing them for years or just bought a brand new pair, caring for your ostrich boots is essential to keeping them looking great and lasting a long time. Ostrich is one of the best leather types for cowboy boots because it’s both durable and handsome. But it needs special attention to preserve its unique beauty. Keep reading to learn how to clean ostrich boots and other tips and tricks for keeping your ostrich boots in tip-top shape.

Man in jeans wearing ostrich boots, crossed at the ankles

Ostrich Boot Care Guide for Exotic Cowboy Boots

Ready to learn how to clean ostrich boots? Follow along as we take these exotic cowboy boots of western culture from dusty trails to stunning showstoppers! With just a few simple steps, your beloved ostrich boots will be ready to carry you through everything the Wild West has in store.

Step 1: Clean

First things first, you’ll want to keep excess dirt and dust off your ostrich boots. So, use a horsehair brush to brush the dirt off after every wear. It's best to avoid adding moisture to your boots, as it can cause cracking and stretching. However, you can use a damp cloth if necessary.

Step 2: Condition

Once you remove dirt and dust with a horsehair brush or damp cloth, it’s time to condition your ostrich boots. While the boots are still damp, use your fingers, a brush, or a cloth to lightly apply conditioner over the entire boot. Once the conditioner dries, buff your ostrich boots with a horsehair brush. Bick 4 leather conditioner is our preferred product for ostrich hides. Use a small amount of product at first, then buff out excess oil. 

Step 3: Polish

After you condition your boots and let them dry, apply a small amount of wax-based polish to all the areas you wish to shine. We do not recommend using colored polishes because they can alter the color of your boots, even if you do your best to match the colors. Once the polish dries, brush the boots with a soft cloth, then buff them with a horsehair brush to get your desired level of shine. This will give your ostrich boots that perfect glossy finish. 

Step 4: Store

Once you follow this ostrich boot care guide, your cowboy boots should be clean, dry, and shiny. To help keep them that way, store your ostrich boots in a dark, dry location. You can also stuff tissue, newspaper, or a cedar shoe tree into the boots to help them keep their shape without stretching the leather. This will also help absorb moisture, which is essential to keep ostrich leather from cracking.

Step 5: Resole

At some point, you might recognize that your favorite ostrich cowboy boots are starting to wear down and need a bit of TLC. Most boots need to be resoled anywhere between six months and every few years, depending on how often you get them out for a twirl, and other factors like your size and gait. At the first sign of soft spots or holes in the sole, you should visit your local cobbler so they can advise whether a resole is necessary or not.

If you purchased a pair of Tecovas ostrich boots and want a full resole with original Tecovas parts, plus a complete detailing, you can send your boots to our partner NuShoe for a boot restoration. You’ll get them back in about four weeks, and they’ll be looking as good as new.

Image of ostrich boot before conditioningImage of ostrich boot after conditioning

How Often Should You Clean, Condition, and Polish Ostrich Boots?

Proper ostrich boot care is key to their longevity. But there is such a thing as too much cleaning. So while it’s important to brush off dirt after every wear, we recommend doing an in-depth clean every other week. This includes cleaning and conditioning your boots. As for the polish — you can do that every two to four weeks or wherever they look like they need a good shine.

Clean Your Ostrich Boots & Wear Them with Pride

Now that you know how to clean ostrich boots, it’s time to get out there and make some memories. These beautiful boots were made for far more than just sitting in a closet — they’re meant to be worn with pride. So go put them through their paces, and don’t forget to give us a call if you need any help bringing them back to life. You can also grab our basics care kit that provides everything you need to follow our ostrich boot care guide and keep your western boots looking great.