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Image of man playing guitar in a field leaning against a barrel of hay.

Angel White: Musician

"In 2015, I dropped out … and started a band."

Image of Jon Flaming: Artist sitting on a table | Tecovas

Jon Flaming: Artist

"The beaten path has never interested me."

Image of man playing electric guitar on a stage | Tecovas

Abraham Alexander: Musician

"Open mic is tough because you're singing to strangers, and not just strangers, a room full of other musicians."

Image of cowboy holding a lasso in front of mountains | Tecovas

Stephen Yellowtail: Rancher

"I represent my dad, my grandfather, and the hard work they went through to get respect from non-native communities. I’m what’s come before and what’s to come."

Image of a man in a cowboy hat sitting on the back of a pickup truck in the mountains.

Micah Fink: Heroes & Horses

"The obstacle is the opportunity."

Image of cowgirl riding a horse | Tecovas

Linnaea Elzinga: Alderspring Ranch

"That stubbornness to … question what’s “always been done” … made our ranch what it is today."

Images of two men holding cotton in front of a pickup truck.

Julius Tillery: BlackCotton

"Cotton is our culture. Most places where cotton is grown are impoverished, so we're turning it into something valuable."
Image of a man wearing cowboy hat in front of a large mural.

El Federico: Artist

"When the paintbrush drops, the bullsh*t stops."

Image of cowboys riding horses at a rodeo.

Ivan McClellan: Photographer

"If I'm feeling separated from the culture, I flip through the photos and am taken back to that day's energy."

Chef Brad Leone wearing a denim pearl snap cooking outdoors.

Brad Leone: Chef

"I like cooking, but I mess things up all the time."

Larry Callies in the Black Cowboy Museum

Larry Callies: The Black Cowboy Museum

"In the 1960s … the kids would kick me, or trip me if I had a pair of cowboy boots on."

Image of Chris Eyers: Mule Dragger in the woods.

Chris Eyers: Mule Dragger

"The heart of the wilderness is within the wilderness of your heart. Ride there."

Shane Smith: Musician playing guitar and singing on stage.

Shane Smith: Musician

"We had the bus fire … my truck got stolen with my dog in it. Stover got bit by a rattlesnake… Chase had a motorcycle accident. Now … we laugh it off."

Image of Jillian Lukiwski sitting in a studio.

Jillian Lukiwski: The Noisy Plume

"Being in America has allowed us to … pursue multiple dreams at the same time."

Image of Josh Eilers from Ranger Cattle

Josh Eilers: Ranger Cattle

"I believe that your work is a mirror."

Image of Mike Sarraille: Veteran, Author, and Philanthropist in front of mountains.

Mike Sarraille: Veteran, Author, Philanthropist

"My guiding principle is life in service of others."