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Women's 1" Art Deco 3 Piece Belt







This fashion belt is made of sturdy, unlined bovine leather stitched together in our three-piece design featuring a nickel plated brass buckle, loop, and tip, all of which feature beautiful art deco engraving.

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Quarterfront view of The Dakota - Midnight on plain background

The Dakota

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Closeup detail view of Women's Suede Fringe Blazer - Coffee

Women's Suede Fringe Blazer

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Front view of Women's Denim Trucker Jacket - Medium on model

Women's Denim Trucker Jacket

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Front view of Women's Mini V-Neck Ruched Dobby Dress - White on model

Women's Mini V-Neck Ruched Dress

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Front view of Women's Tecovas Banner Tee - White/Blue on plain background

Women's Tecovas Banner Tee

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