Pull on a great pair of boots knowing there’s nothing more cowboy than going your own way. Life is here for the taking, y’all.


Let's find your new boots.

Finding the right pair of boots is a bit like finding yourself. The right pair will have you standing in comfort and confidence no matter where you’re headed. You won’t just look taller, you’ll feel taller, too. Let’s jump right in and find your new favorite boots.

man riding a horse on a hill man riding a horse on a hill
Our Story

How We Started

What started as a daydream from our founder, Paul Hedrick, has become the definitive direct-to-consumer western brand built on quality products and incredible service. We continue to earn the respect of the industry and the praises of cowboy boot enthusiasts far and wide. 

Why We're Different

Our western goods honor traditions, not trends. Quality, comfort, and value are our guideposts. And we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a premium to enjoy premium products and service. That’s why we only sell directly to you with no middleman markup. 

Where We're Headed

To wear Tecovas is to know that quality runs through every material, stitch, and seam. It’s knowing that fashion is fleeting but style is confidence that will carry you every day. We’re going to continue to explore new ways to have you walk taller in comfort and with confidence. 

The Outpost



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He Who Sees with His Ears

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Irons In The Fire

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