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Group Gifts

Say “Thanks” The Tecovas Way

A variety of cowboy boots displayed on a wooden counter and floor in a retail store setting.
Woman examining a boot at a shoe store with a row of shoe horns on the counter.
A bride and groom holding hands outdoors, with the focus on the lower half of their bodies; the bride holds a bouquet, and the groom holds a hat.
Pair of white and pair of black western boots on display with their boxes in a store.
A row of similar brown shoes arranged neatly on a cowhide rug in a store.
Craftsperson embossing a pattern onto a piece of fabric with a machine.
A bouquet of white flowers perched atop a pair of light blue cowboy boots on a sandy terrain.
A woman in a stylish hat and dress walks between two rows of white floral arrangements in a sunlit outdoor setting.


Tecovas products rise above typical group gift options when you want to reward your team’s hard work and big milestones, or to outfit your wedding party in western style.

To help us learn more about your gifting needs, please email us with the information outlined below and someone from our team will be in contact with you as soon as we're able!

Bulk discounts are available for some products.

Row of identical brown shoes on display with a person in the background.

Please send the following information to:

Subject Line: Sales Inquiry - Company/Event Name

Information needed:

  • Your Name
  • Your Company/Group Name
  • Your Phone Number (optional)
  • Gifting Request Type: Bulk Order, In-Store Event, or Corporate Off-site Event
  • Date
  • Time (if applicable)
  • Estimated Quantity
  • Products you are interested in:
    • Boots
    • Belts
    • Bags
    • Wallets
    • Apparel

Learn more about our group gifting program here.