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Military Discount

Tecovas is proud to offer a 10% discount to Active Duty Military, Military Retirees, and Veterans. To verify eligibility for this discount, Tecovas partners with ID.me.

ID.me offers a variety of methods for verification. Once you are verified with ID.me, a unique discount code will be applied at checkout, or you can use the button on our checkout process to log in to ID.me and apply it.

A sincere thank you to all past and present Military members for your service.

Screenshot of the checkout experience showing the ID.me button.


A: Tecovas offers a discount to any Active Duty Military, Military Retirees, and Veterans. Currently, we do not have any restrictions on what this discount can be applied for, but please note that it cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

A: To receive the discount, you must create an account with ID.me and verify military status for eligibility. ID.me offers a number of ways to verify military status, including USAA membership, government service records, .mil e-mail addresses, or upload of documentation. Once you have an account created, you can use the button on our checkout page (see image above) to apply the discount.

A: If you are having problems verifying your eligibility, we recommend contacting ID.me support. If you are still having problems, please contact us at howdy@tecovas.com and we will do what we can to assist with verification.