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  • Do I need an appointment?
  • No appointment needed! Feel free to drop by at any time during opening hours to browse or get help from our team.
  • Do you carry all of your products in-store?
  • We aim to keep most of our product line in store, but if you have your eye on something in particular, you can always call ahead and confirm we have it in stock!
  • Why is Tecovas opening stores? I thought you were an online brand.
  • While online has always been our primary focus, we are first and foremost a direct-to-consumer business - and that hasn't changed (no middlemen here)! We'll sell the same great western boots, apparel, and accessories in store as we do online - at the same price. We're opening our own stores because they will allow us to continue to expand the customer experience without sacrificing our core business model - and so we can meet y'all in person!
  • Can I purchase something online and pick it up in store?
  • No, we do not currently support picking up online purchases in store. You can always call ahead to see if the store has the item you want in stock!
  • Can I bring items I bought online to the store for returns or exchanges?
  • Yes! If you'd rather return or exchange your online purchase in person instead of using the online process, our team will make sure that your needs are met in the store. See our full returns and exchanges policy here.
  • Can I return or exchange items I bought in the store using the online process?
  • No. Currently, all items purchased in the store must be brought back to the store for returns and exchanges. However, feel free to call (833-832-6827 ) or email our Customer Experience at team at any time if you need assistance with a return or an exchange!