Oh, the places y’all will go!

Sooner or later, we’re going to be able to get back to the places we love. For us, that's Texas.

Read up, make a plan and get equipped to hit the road with a Texas Field Guide from our good friends at Wildsam.

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John Steinbeck, the writer who first inspired our friends at Wilsdam, wrote those words in his American epic Travels with Charley. They capture the core belief of what Wildsam is all about: setting travelers up for unforgettable experiences that are born from the unexpected. The Texas Field Guide is part of their Road Trip Series which points out the colorful characters, rich beauty, and proud nature of all things Texan.

Tecovas is proud to partner with Wildsam as we all look forward to the days when we can get back to rediscovering the places we love and new ones along the way. If you miss out on the gift with purchase visit wildsam.com to buy a guide directly from the good folks running the show there.




Trace the horizon by horseback where the edges of a ghost town and Big Bend National Park meet.

A smattering of structures strewn across the foothills beneath the Chisos Mountains–adobe cottages, a theater, art project hovels, a subterranean dive bar, generator-run camping trailers, a general store, a gas station and, more recently, a few yurts–it’s hard to imagine Terlingua was once a globally known quicksilver mining hub with a few thousand residents. Today, the population officially stands at 60-ish, but come sunset, it’s less difficult to see the reasons why they call this hardscrabble hamlet home.


Venture through one of America’s least-visited national parks and see a different side of the borderland along the Rio Grande.

A millennia-old landscape with patches of ground no human has ever walked, Big Bend and its absence of sound and movement fill the soul.

The towering, sienna-colored Chisos Mountains that rickrack the horizon give way to the lush, jade Rio Grande valley–jawdropping countryside that lives by its own rules. Drive down a true open road toward Grapevine Hills Trail (2.2 miles), where an easy hike leads to Balanced Rock, a geological marvel of suspended boulders perched over wildflowers. The park is bookended by two sheer canyons, Santa Elena and Boquillas.

Quality built from scratch.

At Tecovas, we think there is a perfect balance of tradition, innovation and style. Our expert craftsmen, high-quality materials, and classic styles set us apart. Just like our friends in Terlingua, where chili is king, we know that the right ingredients and know-how matter.

Every October, the population of this tiny border town triples when chiliheads from across the globe set up their kettles for the Terlingua International Chili Championship. Here’s a winning recipe from Cindy Reed that’s featured in The Wildsam Texas Field Guide so you can try your hand at greatness.


2 LBS beef chuck tender cut into 3/8-in cubes

1 TSP cooking oil

1 TBSP dark chili powder

2 TSP granulated garlic

In a three-quart heavy saucepan, add the above ingredients while browning the meat.

8 OZ can of tomato sauce

14 1/2 OZ can of beef broth

1 TSP chicken bouillon granules

1 TSP jalapeño powder

1 TBSP onion powder

2 TSP garlic powder

1/2 TSP red pepper

1 TSP white pepper

1 6 OZ spring water

1 TBSP dark chili powder

2 serrano peppers

1/2 TSP salt

Combine sauce, broth and seasonings. Add to beef mixture. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer for 1-1/2 hours, float 2 serrano peppers.

1 TBSP paprika

1 PKG Sazon seasoning (msg)

1 TSP onion powder

1 TSP garlic powder

1/2 TSP white pepper

5 TBSP medium and dark chili powders

Combine seasonings, add to beef mixture. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer for 20 minutes. You may add water or beef broth for consistency. Remove serrano peppers when they become soft.

2 TSP cumin

1/8 TSP salt




  • 1919 Oil driller Orbie Lee Orbison (Vernon) gives guitar to 6-year-old son, Roy

  • 1928 “Lark of the Border” Lydia Mendoza makes first recording

  • 1934 Swingman Bob Wills (regretfully) moves his Playboys to Tulsa

  • 1970 Armadillo World Headquarters opens

  • 1971 Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee” debuts; lyrics by Brownsville’s Kris Kristofferson

  • 1973 Jerry Jeff Walker records ¡Viva Terlingua! in Luckenbach

  • 1974 Austin City Limits tapes pilot with Willie Nelson; faux skyline appears in ’82

  • 1975 Stoney Ridge band hangs flyer, ag-science student George Strait auditions, lands the gig

  • 1982 NYT calls Lightnin’ Hopkins the greatest influence on rock guitarists ever

  • 1983 Willie and Merle Haggard cover Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho and Lefty”

  • 1990 Texas Tornados fusion band, led by Flaco Jiménez and Doug Sahm, debuts

  • 1990 Houston’s Girls Tyme group forms, includes 9-year-old Beyoncé Knowles

  • 1997 Neo-soul artist Erykah Badu (Dallas) releases Baduizm

  • 2006 Famed nightclub owner Clifford Antone dies in Austin

  • 2019 Kacey Musgraves (Golden) wins full sweep (Grammy, ACM, CMA)


Boots have been there for countless magical musical moments in Texas and beyond. Tecovas supports the Texas musicians that continue to sing the stories we all love, and the dancehalls and honky tonks we can’t wait to hit when the time is right.

Here in Austin, The Little Longhorn Saloon, The Broken Spoke and The White Horse are just a few of our favorites. Wherever you’re planning on going two steppin’, make sure your first step is to order a new pair of dancing boots. Here’s some shots from a good time we had at The White Horse.




Settled in the 1800s by German immigrants, this frontier is laced with limestone bluffs and sunset-hued grasses. One favored pocket.

  • WILDSEED FARMS - Fredericksburg–The country’s largest wildflower farm set within 200 acres of production fields and walking trails. March begins the blooms with a Wizard of Oz-like expanse of red corn poppies followed by indigo bluebonnets.

  • TWIN SISTERS DANCE HALL - Blanco–Generations of Texans have gathered at these German-built halls where a country western band leads the town in a public dance. Join in the two-step tradition on the first Saturday of each month.

  • GARRISON BROTHERS - Hye–Among the vineyards, the first sanctioned whiskey distillery in the state. The bourbons benefit from aging in Texas’ brutal summer heat–taking on deeper color and spicier notes.


The Texas Hill Country isn’t just our backyard. It’s an inspiration. This rugged, soulful, awe-inspiring location is home to the classic Texas mindset - one that pays its respects to heritage while blazing trails of its own. At Tecovas, we love carrying the timelessness of classic western forward in our own way. And because we’re from here, we need boots that can go from field to dancefloor to whiskey drinking - and look good at every step.

For a Hill Country moment of peace and clarity, listen to the patron saint of Texas Wildflowers, Lady Bird Johnson, read about a day in the place she loved, too.

This diary entry is printed on pages 143-145, in the Wildsam Texas Field Guide.




THIS IS MY 23rd year working at the school. The barbecue is Saturday.

I DO NOT consider myself 84.

CLAY COWGILL IS with the pit all night adding wood–dried post oak. I get there at 2 a.m.

BACK IN 1966, my husband, White, was working at City Meat Market in Giddings. The owner, Hershel Doyle, asked, “Do you think Tootsie would help Orange in the pit?”

I KNEW HOW to read a scale and I could count change. I didn’t know the meats. I was there 10 years.

MR. DOYLE BOUGHT a meat market in Lexington. It was my baby to take care of.

I REALLY WENT into it not thinking that I was different than anyone else. Sweat running down my face. Customers would come in, “Oh you poor dear.” I would say, “I hadn’t really realized. I’ve been busy.”

AT THE OLD market in Lexington, Kerry Bexley would come in for lunch. I saw him grow up.

WE SOLD THE market in 1996 when White had his stroke. The people who bought it asked me if I would continue cooking. A few days later, Kerry Bexley asked, “How about we open a barbecue place?”

I SAID, “I’ve committed to them. But should the time come that I’m not happy, you will be the first person I talk to.”

MARCH 1, 2003, was Snow’s opening date.

LATELY, I’VE NOTICED I’m not as strong in my lifting. Fifty pounds is easy. Used to be nothing for me to put a 150-pound quarter of beef on the block.

I’M VERY SINCERE when I say I’ve been doing this for 50-plus years but I’m still learning.

I KNOW I won’t live forever. I hope I can work until I just can’t.


Expertise is the differentiating ingredient in making quality goods - whether it’s BBQ or boots. Tecovas is proud to be from a state that cherishes the craftswomen (and craftsmen) who put in the work, the time and the love to make things the right way.

You can get some incredible BBQ from Snow’s shipped to you by ordering online here . And you can order up a fresh pair of boots here . BBQ and leather – delivery day is going to smell awesome.