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Tired of not having comfortable,
high-quality jeans that fit over cowboy boots?

So were we.

Introducing Tecovas Jeans

Our Standard Jean

Our Standard Jean is cut, sewn, and finished in Los Angeles, California using premium, broken-in Italian denim with just enough stretch for ultimate comfort. It fits true to size and features a roomier thigh than our Slim Jean - flattering but comfortable. It features a straight leg from the knee down to ensure a great fit over western boots.

Our Slim Jean

Our Slim Jean features the same premium denim and strech as our Standard Jean. It also fits is true to size, but features a slimmer thigh for a modern look - and unlike most slimmer-cut jeans, it features a straight leg and an opening just wide enough to sit perfectly over western boots.

The Story Behind Our Jeans

Why We're Making Them

Believe it or not, every single day, customers ask us about blue jeans. "What jeans should I wear with my boots?" "What jeans are those in that photo?" Honestly, we've never really had a great answer. High-quality, comfortable jeans are typically designed to be too slim for boots - and 'boot' denim is typically low-quality and uncomfortable. We wanted top-quality jeans made to wear with our boots, at an approachable price - in other words, jeans done the Tecovas way.

Jeans done "the tecovas way"

We started with top-quality Italian denim - with just enough stretch for unmatched comfort and a broken-in feel. For the fit, we went with straight leg and an opening wide enough to accommodate boots - but slim enough to fall 'just right' on the foot. Next, we stone-washed them in two classic colors. The result? A pair of jeans that will take the guesswork out of what to wear with your boots - and only gets better with wear.

The Perfect Pair
(at the perfect price)

Our product mission has always been simple: to provide top-quality products at half the price of anything comparable by cutting out traditional retail middlemen. We did the same thing with our jeans. We use world-famous denim and a legendary factory in Los Angeles, California - the same one used by brands hawking jeans for over $300 - and sell them for a price that will be tough to beat.

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